South Australia’s Food Exports – Sharing Flavors With the World

With an enviable reputation for food safety, South Australia produces and exports premium food products around the world. PIRSA’s food industry provides the backbone of the State economy, employing 47,000 people. South Australian meat producers and agribusinesses are well placed to capitalise on rising demand from Asia as middle class incomes rise. Grain South Australia … Read more

Inspiring Success Stories: 8 High-Profile Vietnamese Australians and Their Remarkable Achievements

The Vietnamese Australian community boasts a rich tapestry of talent and achievement across various professional fields. From medicine to sports, academia to the arts, Vietnamese Australians have excelled and left an indelible mark on Australian society. In this article, we explore the remarkable accomplishments of seven high-profile Vietnamese Australians who have not only made significant … Read more

Vietnamese Immigration to Australia: A Tale of Resilience, Adaptation, and Contribution

The history of Vietnamese immigration to Australia is a remarkable tale that reflects the strength, determination, and adaptability of individuals seeking refuge, opportunities, and a better future. Over several decades, waves of Vietnamese immigrants have embarked on a journey that has shaped both the Vietnamese community in Australia and the nation as a whole. This … Read more

Enjoy Sky-High Dining at Adelaide’s Top Rooftop Bars

Adelaide’s booming small bar scene has given rise to a number of rooftop bars that offer sweeping views and fine drinks. Whether you’re looking for after-work drinks or a night out with friends, these bars will have you feeling on top of the world. Situated atop the luxury Mayfair Hotel, Hennessy Lounge is a chic … Read more