Little Panda Hot Pot: A Personalised Culinary Journey on The Parade

Nestled along the lively stretch of The Parade in Norwood, Little Panda Hot Pot beckons food enthusiasts to embark on a unique and personalised dining experience. Specialising in the art of hot pot, this restaurant has earned a reputation for its exceptional service, friendly ambiance, and the opportunity to craft your hot pot masterpiece. Little … Read more

L Law Brunch Restaurant: Unveiling the A&T Smashed Avocado Extravaganza

Introduction: Nestled in the charming locale of King William Rd in Hyde Park, L Law Brunch Restaurant has become a local gem for brunch enthusiasts seeking a delightful gastronomic experience. Renowned for its bustling atmosphere, friendly service, and exquisite dishes, this cafe has established itself as a must-visit spot for both regular patrons and newcomers … Read more

Best Pho in Adelaide at 1/3 NNQ King William St

Introduction: Adelaide’s culinary scene is renowned for its diverse offerings, and among the plethora of dining options, the search for the “Best Pho in Adelaide” led me to NNQ, an Asian cafe with a remarkable presence boasting 9 different outlets. My recent visit to the King William St location enjoying a particularly good bowl of … Read more

Best Breakfast in Adelaide – Pickle in the Middle Unley Rd

Introduction: Nestled on the bustling Unley Rd in Adelaide, Pickle in the Middle beckons food enthusiasts to embark on a delightful culinary journey. Having recently experienced a morning feast at this popular café, I’m eager to share the flavors, ambiance, and overall experience that make Pickle in the Middle a standout breakfast destination. Location and … Read more

Best Wineries in Angaston

Angaston’s best wineries make up an impressive tasting trail of historic buildings and big-bodied red wines. Sample a vintage Grange at Penfold’s Cellar Door, where you can get hands-on in the lab and create your own mix of Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro (something akin to the popular Bin 138 blend). Saltram Winery Saltram is one … Read more

South Australia’s Relationship With China – Political Considerations

South Australia’s economy benefits from a trade and tourism relationship with China. Across sectors like agribusiness, mining and resources, international education, and tourism, Chinese business to business and people to people engagement is booming. But Beijing is also testing Australia with different sources of leverage. Ultimately, Canberra and many other nations will have to decide … Read more

Public Opinion and Polling in South Australian Politics

While internet connected technology has transformed how people conduct many of their day-to-day transactions, voting remains a paper based process. Marshall’s pitch to voters centres on the state’s economic performance including record low unemployment, unprecedented nett migration and the management of the pandemic. ECSA has operated pre-poll voting centres at 10 metropolitan locations and 12 … Read more

South Australia’s Healthcare System – A Political Analysis

South Australia is fortunate to have one of the world’s most advanced health-care systems. But it is a system that has its challenges. We interviewed 49 staff in departments/agencies other than Health and five academics with experience of HiAP. Our survey revealed that the supportive policy network developed around HiAP was strengthened by senior policy … Read more

Challenges and Opportunities for South Australian Politics in the 21st Century

South Australian politics has a long history of producing ideas and inspiration disproportionate to its size. But this power diminishes in the face of increasing globalization, competition and social change. We used institutional theory to understand the extent to which the government’s neo-liberal economic policy orientations constrained and limited its ability to address equity as … Read more