Where East Meets West in Adelaide

A common saying is “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” But, the fact that this is even an idiom says a lot about our fractious relationship with the world around us. Fusion cuisine calls for passionate experimentation, but also a thorough understanding of which ingredients pair best with … Read more

Adelaide Jazz Festival – Swinging to the Rhythms of Jazz

The Adelaide Jazz Festival is a weekend-long program leading up to UNESCO International Jazz Day. Featuring a broad range of genres across city venues, this event is sure to delight and inspire audiences. ER@SER DESCRIPTION, a genre-blending Australian trio, opened the show with a sultry Latin American groove. Their songs were full of evocative imagery … Read more

Celebrating Young Filmmakers at the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival

Presented by Fresh International, the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival is a hugely significant event and a wonderful jumping off point for young creators. This year’s festival included a sweet mix of features and shorts that addressed diverse topics from aging to children’s first confrontations with loss and death. Standouts included a black comedy of … Read more

Enjoying Nature’s Bounty in Adelaide

Whether your heart flutters at the thought of a simple sando and coffee or you’re ready to go fancy, there are picnic spots in Adelaide that are a perfect fit. A hidden gem in one of Adelaide’s most prestigious suburbs, Heywood Park is picture-perfect with a river, rotunda, playground and shady picnic spots. Just a … Read more