Celebrating Diversity Multicultural Festivals in Adelaide

The festival circuit is a buzz in Adelaide all year round. From grungy, visceral theatre to classical music, cabaret and the visual arts, there’s something for everyone in Australia’s Festival City.

Tarntanyangga/Victoria Square will come alive this Sunday with food, music and dance. The Bolivia Marka Dancers will get the feet moving, while the ska and reggae band, Sunny Coast Rude Boys will keep it pumping.

Indian Mela 2023

The Indian Mela is a celebration of India’s culture, history, and heritage. The festival is an immersive environment that salutes history and embraces globalization. It also celebrates communities and teaches healthy living practices. It is an event for the whole family to enjoy.

The event features a wide variety of foods, arts and crafts, and entertainment. The local Ngarrindjeri group, the Willy Wagtails, will perform a welcome to country and smoking ceremony. Other events include a Ukrainian dance troupe, an Australian Navy band, a Chinese erhu instrumental performance, and an Italian opera. A petting zoo and Animal Anonymous’ native animals will be there for children to enjoy.

You can sample delicious cuisines from around the world at this event. There are stalls that sell food from Sri Lanka, Greece, France, and Italy. There are also stalls that sell traditional clothing and art. In addition, there is a cultural village that offers a glimpse into the culture of different nations.

This is a great way to celebrate India’s rich heritage. The mela is held in Salt Lake City and draws visitors from all over the United States. It is an ideal place to meet new people and explore the vibrant culture of India. It is free to attend, and features cultural performances and workshops for all ages.


Schutzenfest is an incredible event that combines culture, entertainment, and food. The festival is a COVID safe event and is an amazing way to connect with South Australia’s diverse cultures. It features a wide range of cultural music, dance, and food in a vibrant one-day event. The festival also provides a wide variety of activities for children and adults alike. From carnival rides to cultural performances, there is something for everyone at the Hanover Schutzenfest.

The festival’s Old World roots are steeped in folklore, and its name is derived from a 15th-century tale about a marksman (Schutze) who shot an eagle that had attacked a child. The villagers were so impressed with his heroic deed that they made him honorary king for the year. From there, marksmanship competitions became a tradition in towns and villages across Germany and Switzerland.

Today, local Schutzenvereine still hold Schutzenfests to celebrate their heritage and bring together the community. They often feature parades, dances, and marksmanship competitions. While the shooting is primarily for club members, Schutzenfest is a party for all ages. You can see Omas drinking beer and dancing to traditional Schlager music alongside young people. It’s a fun way to meet your neighbors and enjoy the community. The Cincinnati Schutzenverein Society even crowned its first Schutzenfest Queen in 2021. The Queen takes on many responsibilities during the year, including attending events and representing Schutzenfest in other cities.

Adelaide Multicultural Eid Festival

The Adelaide Multicultural Eid Festival is a family-friendly event that celebrates a coming together in Islamic culture. The festival is held over a weekend in April at the Adelaide Showground. It marks Eid al-Fitr, which is the celebration of one of two major Muslim holidays in the year. This self-funded and not for profit community event aims to draw people from a wide range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It also offers non-Muslim Australians a chance to experience Muslim culture, food, and family fun.

The event will focus on Eid cuisine, including a variety of sweets like halwa and baklava. The festival will also feature food trucks that represent countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, India, and Pakistan. There will also be stalls that offer a look into Muslim culture, with various wares on sale such as hijabs and abayas, and Muslim art and prints. The festival will also feature multiple stage shows from local performers, sporting activities, public speakers, and a fireworks display on Sunday evening to round out the event.

The Adelaide Multicultural Eid Festival is an exciting way to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism in Australia. It brings together different communities from around the world and provides a space for everyone to come together to celebrate their culture in an environment of love, peace, and understanding. It is a great place to bring the entire family and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Harmony Week

During Harmony Week, people are encouraged to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and respect each other’s different beliefs, languages, cultures, traditions, lifestyles and values. It is about inclusiveness and a sense of belonging for everyone. The celebrations will include dance, music and food from the various cultural communities of SA. This is a great opportunity to learn about new cultures and make friends.

The theme for Harmony Week this year is ‘Everyone Belongs’. This is in recognition of the fact that each of us has a unique background and culture, which is part of what makes Australia such a great place to live. The festival will be held from 15-21 March, culminating in Harmony Day on 21 March.

This year’s event will feature a vibrant Intercultural Parade, with performers from Pakistani, India, Italy, China, Cambodia and many more countries. There will also be a variety of activities and stalls from local community groups. In addition, there will be a didgeridoo player, a lion dance and a wide range of local song and dance performances.

The festival will also screen the film “The Song Keepers”. The story of an obscure church choir in remote Central Australia, whose musical legacy of ancient Aboriginal languages, sacred poetry and Baroque music has been handed down through four generations of women. The audience will be invited to wear orange, which is the colour of Harmony Week.