South Australia’s Immigration Policies and Multiculturalism

South Australia is a southern, central Australian state that covers some of the most arid parts of the country. It is home to people from about 200 countries and speaks languages from more than 100. Recent data suggest that a sizeable proportion of the public supports multiculturalism as a positive force but also recognises the … Read more

The South Australian Housing Market – Political Challenges and Solutions

The South Australian property market has shown strong growth backed by low interest rates. This has made it an attractive option for investors and homebuyers alike. Regional communities in South Australia are experiencing the impact of housing shortages. This has led to some communities struggling to attract and retain key workers such as police and … Read more

South Australia’s Role in National Energy Policy

As governments around the world struggle to make the transition to low carbon, high renewables grids, South Australia’s experience offers important lessons. These include the need for political leverage to push through changes in the face of opposition from established fossil fuel interests. It is also vital to help workers and towns adjust when coal … Read more

South Australia’s Response to Bushfires – A Political Analysis

The Black Saturday bushfires caused great devastation in South Australia. This triggered community response, donations, Government inquiries (including a Royal Commission), and recommendations from many groups. The State Bushfire Coordination Committee has divided the State into 9 Bushfire Management Areas with a Bushfire Management Plan prepared for each BMA. Minutes of SBCC meetings are available … Read more

The Impact of South Australian Political Scandals

Australia’s state premiers often make decisions that have profound and sometimes destructive impacts on their citizens. These include imposing lockdowns and curfews, suspending parliament, and enacting emergency powers. These policies test whether a country’s liberal institutions of checks and balances, transparency, and rights can function during crisis. This is a key question for democracy promotion. … Read more

South Australian Political Priorities – Industries and Job Creation

South Australia’s vigorous program of industrialization depended on the high level of effective tariff protection it enjoyed. This protected the local motor vehicle, household appliance, shipping and electrical industries. Growing SA small businesses with a permanent reduction in company tax. Record funding for the state’s health system including hospitals, cheaper medicines (with a $10 cut … Read more

The Role of Trade and Export in South Australian Politics

South Australia’s natural resources, skilled workforce and research sector have attracted investment in world-leading projects. The state is a leader in the energy transition and aims for net zero emissions by 2050. The state is governed by a bicameral parliament, with the House of Assembly representing individual electoral districts and the Legislative Council comprising members … Read more

The Role of South Australia in Australian Federal Politics

South Australia was one of the first colonies to adopt parliamentary government. Its bicameral parliament operates under responsible cabinet government. In 1894, South Australia became the first state in the world to give women the vote. Since then, the state has been at the forefront of social reform. It has also been an industrial powerhouse. … Read more

South Australia’s Approach to Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

South Australia is taking strong action on climate change to build a stronger, low emissions economy and to help prepare for the impacts of a changing climate. The State reports progress against legislated targets biennially. The agricultural sector generates significant greenhouse gases (GHG) mainly through methane and nitrous oxide. These gases have a much greater … Read more

Water Management and Political Implications

The Murray-Darling Basin Plan has become a political battleground. Hundreds of South Australian irrigators converged on Canberra in December to protest the plan. Brooks’ argument hinges on the idea that there is spare water sloshing around the basin to be reallocated. But experts know that’s simply not true. In fact, the opposite is more likely. … Read more