South Australia’s Relationship With China – Political Considerations

The Albanese Government has a clear goal in mind with China: to find new global partnerships and avoid being caught in Beijing’s crosshairs. It is looking to Japan, the U.K and France for help. The state has three trade and investment offices in-market supporting South Australian exporters, Chinese buyers and investors – especially during worldwide … Read more

Education Policies and Their Impact on South Australian Students

Increasing interest in student wellbeing has led to policy initiatives and approaches across different sector contexts. These have been shaped by best-practice research. National reform directions have sought to balance high performance and equity. These remain relevant aspirations. However, a narrowing agenda has privileged private (social mobility) and economic (social efficiency) purposes of schooling. Education … Read more

South Australia’s Healthcare System – A Political Analysis

We conducted interviews and surveys of government staff. The research participants were categorised by the sector in which their department/agency was located (health, industry, governance, etc.). Departmental names and structures changed frequently during the research period. We judged SA HiAP to have made a modest contribution to actions likely to improve health in the state, … Read more

Agriculture and Rural Politics in South Australia

South Australian agricultural production is heavily dependent on export markets and its land use focuses on continually increasing productivity. However, high interest rates, declining commodity prices, recurrent droughts and ballooning debts have impacted on the farming community. Respondents prioritised keeping their farms in the family and favoured government support mechanisms that target regional sustainability issues. … Read more

Dai Trang Le: Advocating for Diversity and Empowering Vietnamese Australians in Parliament

Dai Trang Le, a Vietnamese Australian, has emerged as a prominent figure in Australian politics, working tirelessly to represent her constituents and championing the rights of culturally diverse communities. As a Member of Parliament, Le has become a powerful voice for inclusivity, social justice, and the empowerment of Vietnamese Australians. Her journey from Vietnam to … Read more

Hieu Van Le: A Remarkable Journey from Vietnam to Australia and Beyond

Hieu Van Le, the former Governor of South Australia, is an embodiment of resilience, determination, and the potential of the human spirit. Born in Vietnam, Le overcame numerous challenges and built an extraordinary life for himself and his family in Australia. His story serves as an inspiration to many, reflecting the transformative power of opportunity … Read more