The Role of Technology in Modernizing Agriculture in Rural South Australia

The emergence of new technologies in agriculture is leading to an evolution in farming practices resulting in improved crop yields. This is having significant ecological benefits in terms of reducing chemical overuse, which causes water contamination and environmental damage to soil strength. The key factors that influence farmers’ adoption behaviour are resource endowment constraints, access … Read more

Fostering Creativity: Arts and Music Education Initiatives in Rural South Australia

Providing children with the time and space for unstructured, self-directed imaginative play is one of the most important ingredients for fostering creativity. This needs to be combined with adequate supervision, guidance and resources. Despite research showing the life changing benefits of music education, 63 percent of Australian schools offer no classroom music. Thankfully, the Limestone … Read more

E-Learning in Remote Areas

E-learning can help students and teachers save time, money and energy. It can also make learning more accessible to people in remote areas or who have mobility challenges. The most important advantage of innovative e-learning is the reduction in travel costs and study expenses. Other advantages include good contact with academic teachers and the possibility … Read more

Exploring Adelaide’s Top Movie Theatres

An adventure movie is a story of action and excitement. It is usually about a hero fighting a dangerous villain to save his/her people or country. It is a genre of film that often features period weapons, castles and dramatic battles. This type of film is also known as a Swashbuckler. Piccadilly Cinema Piccadilly Cinema … Read more

Theatre Delights – The Best Live Performances in Adelaide

The Garden Melodies at Conifer Lawn in the Adelaide Botanic Garden interweaves local performers’ music with sounds of nature and birds. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fusion of sounds. Disney’s beloved Winnie the Pooh characters take to the stage in this fresh, enchanting stage adaptation. Featuring the Sherman Brothers’ classic Grammy-winning songs. Thebby … Read more