Addressing Indigenous Health Disparities – Addressing Healthcare Challenges in Remote South Australia

Achieving Indigenous health equity requires a sea change in mainstream policies and practices. This includes addressing the role of racism, at both institutional/systemic and interpersonal levels, and acknowledging the impact it has on outcomes. Changing the way we do business, by truly respecting Indigenous knowledge, beliefs and values is needed. This will require intervention research … Read more

Water Scarcity Solutions – Balancing Agricultural Needs and Environmental Conservation in SA

Water scarcity solutions must address the environmental, economic and social issues related to this precious natural resource. These include improving water efficiency, promoting conservation and increasing groundwater storage, as well as implementing agricultural strategies to alleviate water pressures. 2.3 billion people live in countries with water scarcity, and this number is increasing. This is caused … Read more

Enhancing Education Quality – Overcoming Challenges in Rural South Australian Schools

School leaders from rural communities have commenced a unique program at Flinders University that helps them overcome their challenges and harness outside-the-box opportunities to benefit students. This is part of a larger effort to improve education quality in remote and rural communities across Australia. Schools in tightknit rural communities can be a great place for … Read more

Road and Transportation Challenges in South Australian Outback Communities

The future of the Australian Outback is at a crossroads. It can be shaped either by default and inaction or deliberately, preserving the natural, cultural and economic value of this irreplaceable landscape. Households in outer-urban and remote areas of Australia are more likely to experience transport disadvantage than those in urban areas. This is due … Read more

Skill Development Programs for Rural Youth

Rural youth are eager to develop into productive individuals and become connected with their communities. But they need good income-generating opportunities to do so. A survey of 10 – 18 year old out-of-school rural youth showed that they aspired to careers in farming and building and construction trades. CapED is facilitating skills development to fulfill … Read more

Mental Health and Resilience Among Rural Emergency Personnel

First responders prioritize the safety and well-being of their communities, which can be stressful and traumatic for them. This can lead to burnout, depression, substance abuse, vicarious trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Fortunately, many resources exist for first responders to get help and treatment. Whether it’s one-on-one counseling, peer support or crisis hotlines, these options … Read more

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth in Remote South Australian Communities

The literature on indigenous entrepreneurship is inconclusive. Some authors claim that different contextual factors influence the outcomes of entrepreneurship in remote Aboriginal communities. Several researchers have postulated that Indigenous Australian small business owners operate their businesses to become financially independent or to escape poverty. Other researchers have observed that Indigenous entrepreneurs mainly focus on meeting … Read more

Mental Health Services in Rural and Remote SA – Overcoming Barriers to Access and Support

A range of community services are available for people living, working or travelling in rural and remote South Australia. These include telehealth and a variety of local support services. Participants in three rural and remote regions of SA were asked to complete a computer-assisted telephone interview about their perceived barriers to seeking help for either … Read more

Celebrating Cultural Diversity – Stories of Multicultural Communities in Rural South Australia

Educators can celebrate cultural diversity in many ways, from inviting students’ families to share their culture in the classroom to hosting an international movie night. This collection of stories can inspire conversations about diversity and inclusion while highlighting what we have in common. Rural communities are increasingly multicultural. But what does this mean for the … Read more

Protecting Agricultural Land: Policies and Practices in South Australian Rural Planning

Local communities recognize that farmland is a finite resource and have sought ways to protect it. Regulatory tools ranging from agricultural protection zoning to purchase of development rights have been used with varying degrees of success. Agricultural protection zoning ordinances prohibit non-farming development on prime agricultural soil and may include subdivision limitations, land-use conflict resolution … Read more