Exploring Adelaide’s Top Movie Theatres

An adventure movie is a story of action and excitement. It is usually about a hero fighting a dangerous villain to save his/her people or country.

It is a genre of film that often features period weapons, castles and dramatic battles. This type of film is also known as a Swashbuckler.

Piccadilly Cinema

Piccadilly Cinema is located on North Adelaide’s iconic O’Connell Street and has been in operation for over 80 years. This beautiful art deco building features a variety of movie options, including foreign language and art house films. It also offers a wide range of blockbuster releases.

The cinema’s founder, Dan Clifford, was a highly successful promoter of the motion picture industry in South Australia. He was a well-known film producer, and by the time of his death in 1942 he owned 20 theatres. He named the Piccadilly after his hometown in the Adelaide Hills and London’s famous Piccadilly Circus.

In the early 60s, the Piccadilly became a showcase for Broadway musicals. The house has had more success with revivals than new productions, and has presented such classics as Oliver!, Man of La Mancha, and Gypsy.

During the renovation of Piccadilly, the Wallis family felt that it was important to retain as much of the original heritage as possible. This included restoring a mural of Piccadilly Circus that had been covered up by Greater Union when the theater was renamed The Forum in 1983.

Piccadilly is a wonderful place to watch movies, especially for fans of the silent era. The theater has a few bars on each level that offer a variety of drinks and snacks. They are open about half an hour before the show starts, so you can relax and enjoy a cocktail before your showing.

GU Film House

Located on Hindley Street, the GU Film House delivers the latest cinema concept to West End Adelaide. It features six cinemas with leatherette seats and screens niche, arthouse and mainstream releases. It also has two Vmax screens with Dolby Atmos, the latest breakthrough in sound technology.

You can find more info about the cinema on its website, including showtimes and special events. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to receive information about the latest releases and offers. You can also book your tickets online. The website has an easy-to-use search function.

The cinema is close to public transportation, with Beverly Hills railway station a short walk away. It is also near to the Beverly Hills post office and the city hall Beverly Hills Motor Registry. Parking is available onsite.

The cinema is a great option for families with kids and is very clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly and helpful. They’re also open to suggestions and feedback. If you want to get a discount, try coming during the week, as prices are cheaper then. They’re also open to bringing in alcohol, so you can bring your own wine and beer. You can also buy food and snacks from the concession stand. The cinema has a variety of movie showings every day, including popular hits and independent films.

Regent Cinema

The Regent Cinema is an old movie theatre that was once one of the city’s most glamorous and beautiful picture palaces. It was built to elevate the cinema experience and was designed to impress with its opulence and extravagant style.

The huge auditorium, designed in Spanish-Moroccan style, seated 2,300 patrons and was illuminated by a range of subdued colours. A massive crystal chandelier hung above the lounge circle, while a Wurlitzer organ added to the ambience. Live shows were also a feature of the theatre and the attached picture 4 (courtesy Adelaide Advertiser newspaper) depicts dancers during a stage show.

With the advent of television, crowds started to dwindle and the theatre was gradually reduced in size. In 1961 the stalls were converted to shops and the remaining seats were rearranged to form a single raked level. In 1967 the Wurlitzer was removed and installed in Memorial Hall at St Peters College. The Regent Theatre finally closed in 1970.

The Regent is a wonderful example of the art deco movement. Today, it’s home to a wide variety of events and is a popular spot for film premieres. It has a wide selection of luxury seating options, including reclining chairs and in-seat service. It’s also a great place to grab a bite to eat or catch a quick drink.

Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova is a great choice for anyone who wants to see foreign films, art house, or mainstream movies. Its staff are friendly and the cinema has a lot of character. It’s also located in the center of town near lots of cafes and restaurants, so it’s perfect for a date night or a girls day out. They have a full bar and serve choc tops and wine. It’s a little bit more expensive than other cinemas, but it’s worth it for the experience. It’s also worth becoming a member, as they have a lot of benefits.

The cinema is also a great place to catch a world premiere or attend a film festival screening. They also host special events like parties and red carpets. They even have a private room that can be booked for small events.

Unlike other theaters that try to impress their audiences with fancy reclining seats and extra leg room, Cinema Nova stands back and does its own thing. Its theaters are clean and comfortable, and the ticket prices are affordable. The cinema also offers food and drink, including wine, chocolates, popcorn, lollies, and platters. For a more luxurious experience, you can book a high tea reservation. High tea is served on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and reservations can be made online.