Adelaide’s Michelin-Worthy Restaurants

Adelaide’s food scene is a whirlwind of excitement. A few brave culinary crusaders are setting exciting new trends, boosting confidence and fuelling more innovation.

This swanky wine bar in an old dry cleaner’s on super-hip Leigh Street embodies the term moreish, from touches of velvet to artistically curated cocktails and hand rolled duck cappelletti. Feast on contemporary plays on South and North African cuisine – the raving fan base has already attracted celebrity diners like Novak Djokovic.

Press Food & Wine

From luscious wine regions to world-class entertainment, South Australia has everything a foodie could desire. But perhaps its most impressive feature is a thriving fine dining scene that boasts many restaurants that are Michelin-worthy. From upscale Italian eateries to a swanky bar-restaurant, these restaurants offer high-quality meals with great service in a spectacular setting.

One of the hottest spots in town is Press Food & Wine, which serves up elegant European-style fare in a reworked industrial space. Marble, timber and brass refine the rustic Waymouth Street building, with the kitchen led by chef Tom Tilbury. He’s an early champion of nose-to-tail cooking and communal dining, and the menu showcases a wide range of local produce. From Ferguson lobster and Eyrewoolf abalone to slow-cooked pork jowl wrapped in potato bread, it’s a feast for the senses.

The wine list is equally extensive, and focuses on new-wave and established SA producers. You’ll also find a good range of spirits at the backbar, including amari, gin, whisk(e)y and rum. The staff are well versed on the extensive cellar, and they’ll be happy to recommend something based on your preferences.

Restaurant Botanic

Located in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Restaurant Botanic is a chef-driven fine dining experience. Since opening in 2021, the rotunda-shaped spot from former Vue de Monde chef Justin James has racked up an impressive list of accolades. Having already scored three hatted reviews, the eatery is renowned for its inventive menu that utilises ingredients found in the lush surrounds. Think roasted pear with pistachios and fig, and charred chorizo and octopus served atop chickpea picada.

The kitchen team’s passion for local market produce is evident in every dish, from the likes of a Gawler River spatchcock with peanut sambal to wok-tossed warrigal greens and preserved bean curd. Diners can enjoy the flavourful flora-inspired dishes with a glass of wine from the expansive wine list that includes plenty of South Australian offerings.


Africola is one of Adelaide’s most exciting tables and, thankfully, it’s open for lunch as well as dinner. Chef Duncan Welgemoed has made a name for himself by serving up contemporary plays on South and North African cuisine in an atmosphere that’s as inviting as your best friend’s dinner party. The hottest dish is the cauliflower steak covered in tahini, but opt for the feed me menu to sample a wider spread of flavours including sprouted lentils, golden dahl and fried cauliflower.

Africola is a go-to spot for contemporary African cuisine in the heart of Adelaide. Expect a menu bursting with exciting dishes such as cauliflower steak covered in tahini sauce and spiced butter, grilled peri peri chicken served with fermented chilli and shallot jam or cold WA pipis covered in cumin, garlic and toasted coriander. Book ahead to secure a seat at this popular table.

Gaja by Sashi

MasterChef Australia 2019 winner Sashi Cheliah has opened a restaurant that’s an homage to her Singaporean heritage at Gaja by Sashi. Expect bold flavours from the hawker-style menu that includes curries and satays along with dishes such as roasted Berkshire pork belly slaw with cumin and parsley.

The contemporary Asian eatery reflects the culinary influences of the chef’s Singaporean roots and the diverse regions that have contributed to the country’s gastronomy. The menu seamlessly incorporates elements from Malay, South Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, and Vietnamese cuisines. Crafted in partnership with head chef Miles Davis, boasting almost 15 years of industry expertise, including a recent tenure at Hotel Longtime and a stint in Sydney alongside renowned chef Christine Manfield, the menu at this establishment is a fusion of expertise and cultural diversity.

Sean’s Kitchen

Take in the city skyline from a rooftop bar and restaurant experience at Sean’s Kitchen, a modern Australian eatery that showcases local produce with a focus on sustainability and a hedonistic edge. This is contemporary cooking designed to bring people together, with share plates covering the table.

Operated by renowned chef Sean Connolly, the restaurant is celebrated for its contemporary take on classic dishes, offering a diverse menu with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Sean’s Kitchen provides a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for both casual dining and special occasions. The restaurant’s stylish interior, paired with its commitment to culinary excellence, has contributed to its popularity among locals and visitors alike. For the latest information on Sean’s Kitchen, including its menu and any recent developments, it is recommended to check their official website or contact the restaurant directly.

Madame Hanoi

Whether it’s French-inspired gastronomy, or a modern Vietnamese menu at Madame Hanoi, this is the place for a memorable meal. Featuring fresh South Australian produce, this is one of Adelaide’s finest dining experiences.

Madame Hanoi is a distinctive restaurant nestled in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, known for its unique blend of French-Vietnamese cuisine. Located within the Adelaide Casino, Madame Hanoi offers a captivating dining experience with an elegant and culturally inspired ambiance. The restaurant’s menu, curated by skilled chefs, showcases a harmonious fusion of traditional Vietnamese flavors and French culinary techniques, resulting in a delightful array of dishes that appeal to a diverse palate. With its stylish decor, warm lighting, and a menu that reflects the rich culinary heritage of both cultures, Madame Hanoi invites guests to savor a sophisticated and memorable dining adventure in the vibrant culinary landscape of Adelaide. For the latest updates on Madame Hanoi, including menu offerings and operating hours, it’s advisable to check the restaurant’s official website or contact them directly.


Shiki is an exquisite restaurant situated in Adelaide, South Australia, renowned for its authentic Japanese cuisine and elegant dining experience. Nestled within the InterContinental Adelaide, Shiki offers a sophisticated atmosphere with a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. The restaurant boasts a menu crafted with precision, featuring a diverse selection of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese culinary delights, all prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients. From the artful presentation of dishes to the tranquil ambiance, Shiki invites patrons to immerse themselves in the refined flavors of Japanese gastronomy while enjoying the luxurious surroundings. For those seeking a culinary journey through the tastes of Japan in the heart of Adelaide, Shiki stands as a distinguished destination. For the latest information on Shiki, including menus and reservations, it is advisable to check the restaurant’s official website or contact them directly.