Discovering Adelaide’s Foodie Influencers

Adelaides Foodie Influencers Discovering Local Tastemakers

Callum Hann

Followers Current Jan 2024 – 124k

With an impressive portfolio of food businesses and cooking schools, Callum Hann is more than just a MasterChef runner-up. He’s a culinary educator with an emphasis on fresh, healthy cooking. This makes him an ideal choice for events or campaigns that promote well-being and a balanced approach to eating.

Whether you want to connect with a targeted audience or build trust, Callum has the personality and expertise to bring your message to life. Known for his larger-than-life personality, he instantly connects with audiences and is the perfect match for campaigns that are aiming to be fun and energetic.

Callum and business partner Themis Chryssidis are set to launch their Mediterranean-themed restaurant Olive in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. The pair have crafted a space that they describe as ‘cool, casual and family-friendly’. They promise a place where good music and good food come together.

The pair are also preparing to release their first cookbook, ‘Callum and Themis’s Family Kitchen’. The book will showcase their favourite recipes from their restaurants, with the aim of helping families cook and enjoy delicious meals together.


Followers current Jan 2024 – 8821

Megan is a college student who loves to take eye-catching food shots for her Instagram account @eats_in_adelaide. She has 8 thousand followers who love to check out her posts to find hidden gems and must-try restaurants around Adelaide. From Kitchener buns and Pie Floaters to the best places to get your caffeine fix, she is on top of it all!

A couple of years ago, a pair of friends came under fire after they asked a restaurant owner to serve them free meals in exchange for stories and a social media post. While their request was legitimate, the restaurant owner felt they had misrepresented themselves as “influencers” when they weren’t transparent about their sponsorship deals.

In the world of digital influencers, it is important to be transparent about the relationships you create with brands. It’s also crucial to keep in mind the needs of your audience. For example, if you are a wine brand, it would make sense to partner with an influencer who shares your passion for the industry and can engage with your target market. Using Modash’s discovery tools, you can search and filter creators by their interests, location, and audience size to find the right influencers for your campaign.

Adelaide Foodie

This Adelaide foodie loves to dine out and is highly sought after by her Instagram followers with a high engagement rate. She posts about restaurants, grocery shopping, and more.

Founded by a Michelin-starred chef, this fire-powered neighbourhood eatery was among the first in town to champion nose-to-tail dining. The menu draws on local, ethically-sourced produce and SA wines. Pair your meal with a koji Old Fashioned or wattleseed espresso martini.

Adelaide Food Central is a community dedicated to sharing the best of South Australian cuisine. The site features brunch spots, coffee shops, and even vegan eats! They also share the latest news and updates about Adelaide’s food scene.

A self-described ‘Aussie traveller with a passion for good food, wine and adventure’, this Instagram influencer loves to explore the best that Adelaide has to offer. Her blog combines travel stories with food and wine reviews, along with a few LOLs!

Originally from Bangkok, Thirapat Ekbundit now calls Adelaide home. He’s been an influencer since 2009 and uses his Voya E+ electric bike to commute around the city and suburbs. He says that ‘Adelaide is one of the most sustainable cities in the world, but it still has a small city feel. It’s hard to explain’.

For Food Sake Adelaide

The people behind the popular Instagram account adelaidefoodcentral have a mission to keep your taste buds happy. Their pages showcase a variety of restaurants and dishes that you can try in Adelaide. Whether you’re looking for something to take home or want to enjoy it at one of the many local spots, you can find everything you need for your next culinary adventure!

While Melbourne seized the crown of Australia’s queen city of cuisine, Adelaide is nipping at its heels. Its chefs are taking advantage of ingredients that are unique to the region, such as warrigal greens, lilly pillies, and kakadu plums. They’re also putting their creativity to work by using Australian ingredients in traditional cuisines, like Italian ragu made with native lemon myrtle and Spanish marmalade made from South Australian tomatoes.

The city is also home to an impressive array of musicians. Some of the most famous include pop singer Sia, Australian hip-hop group Hilltop Hoods, and rock bands Cold Chisel and Double Dragon. However, you can also check out more contemporary artists, such as the renowned jazz musician Peter Sculthorpe.

Adelaide Loves

When Clever Colonel William Light selected Adelaide as the capital of South Australia in 1835, he surveyed the land of the Kaurna people and saw rain clouds scooting over the hills – good rain equals good agriculture. The resulting bounty of produce means the city has more brilliant restaurants than you can poke a stick at, from fine dining to roadside stalls championing what’s in season.

There are also artisan bakers, cheesemakers and wineries galore. Orana’s Jock Zonfrillo is a master of indigenous ingredients and techniques, with his restaurant at the Adelaide Convention Centre offering an insight into what makes Australian cuisine unique. Downstairs is Street-ADL, his more casual offering serving up dishes like pipis, samphire and sprouted bunya.

Then there are vloggers and bloggers, like the young Vancouver-based couple Phil & Jess who focus on travel and food through their YouTube and Instagram accounts hungrymate_au and cookrepublic. Their mouth-watering images and behind the scenes vlogs will make you salivate.

But not all influencers are created equal. Mick Smith, who runs a trio of venues in St Ives, says some approaches he gets from influencers can feel like “blackmail”. He and fellow chefs around the world have been forwarding requests for free meals to a food reviewer under the hashtag #couscousforcomment.

Brunching Adelaide

In this brunch-loving city, it’s easy to find a spot that can satisfy your cravings for hot or cold, sweet or savoury. From bottomless boozy brunches with free-flowing bubbles to healthy sustenance-filled bowls, Adelaide has it all!

Megan is a major in English and Psychology from Adelaide who loves to indulge in tasty local foods. Her Instagram account has attracted more than 8 thousand followers who love to check out the best spots in town for a delicious brekky or lunch!

If you’re looking for a scrumptious breakfast or brunch with an out-of-this-world view, look no further than the Commissary in Fullarton. The menu is designed to highlight the finest of South Australian produce – 95 per cent of ingredients are locally sourced from passionate providores, farmers and fishers.

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Adelaide Coffees

If you are a coffee lover, you’ll be pleased to know that Adelaide has a fantastic cafe scene. Whether you are a fan of dark-roasted espresso blends or a light, milky latte with a smooth body, you can find it here. And if you bring your own reusable cup, most cafes will offer a discount on your order!

In the heart of the city, you’ll find a sleek and sophisticated cafe that is as trendy as it is welcoming. Sibling serves delicious coffee from the local roasters Five Senses and also has an impressive breakfast menu. Their focus on sustainability also means they provide a glass of water with every order, and they are happy to refill it whenever necessary!

The coffee here is roasted on site and served at the bar. Using the finest beans from around the world, you’ll find everything from a seasonal espresso blend to of-the-day single origins here. Plus, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

With a sleek warehouse vibe, Paddy’s Lantern is one of the most popular spots in town for coffee lovers. Their coffee is fresh and rich, and their staff is friendly and welcoming. If you’re feeling peckish, their food menu is filled with delicious sandwiches and a variety of pastries.