Adelaide’s Rooftop Gardens – Urban Farming and Fresh Produce

Adelaides Rooftop Gardens Urban Farming and Fresh Produce

Located in the heart of Adelaide, Rocket Rooftop combines picturesque views and tropical vibes to create one of the city’s coolest bars. Enjoy a drink or two while savouring local produce and the best of South Australian wine.

Skilled gardeners maximize production, but soil quality is critical. Urban soils often have high phosphorous levels from freely available manure and other organic waste, which can inhibit growth.


Located on Waymouth Street in the heart of the city centre, Gallery is an urban rooftop bar that oozes cool. Its interior has modern art hanging from the walls and wooden bench tables, and its outside deck has views over the surrounding office towers. Its drinks menu is extensive, with a range of South Australian wines and cocktails on offer. Food-wise, the bar offers a selection of tapas including everything from seared scallops to crocodile wontons.

Rooftop gardens are a popular solution for urbanites who want to cultivate their own fruits, vegetables and herbs but don’t have enough space on the ground. A recent study by the University of Adelaide found that households only need to give up less than a quarter of their domestic lawn area to grow enough vegetables for self-sufficiency. This research also highlights the importance of upskilling gardeners to maximise yields.

In addition to the skillset required, the quality of the soil is essential to achieving good yields. A well-draining, organic soil that is rich in nutrients is crucial, as is a healthy microbial community. However, this can be difficult in urban areas where the use of fertilisers is common. A recent analysis of soils at urban agricultural sites in Adelaide showed that these sites often contain excessive levels of phosphorous, which can depress growth and impact on the wider ecosystem.

Rocket Rooftop is a popular spot for a night out in the West End, with a wide range of drinks and some beautiful views. The venue hosts parties, live music acts and even a rooftop cinema on Sundays.

Another rooftop bar in the city centre is Hennessy, which offers a discerning blend of indoor and outdoor seating with sweeping views over Rundle Mall and King William Street. Its cocktail list is vast and its premium alcohol listing makes it a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Similarly, the rooftop garden on the Christie Walk model ecovillage has been transformed into a native garden with the production of indigenous bushfoods such as finger lime and rosella. The project is a great example of how these spaces can be utilised to provide valuable urban food sources, as well as habitats for birds and insects.


A rooftop garden is the perfect way to experience nature while enjoying drinks with friends and taking in stunning city views. But this kind of green space isn’t just about looking pretty – it’s also about producing fresh produce, which can make a real difference in local food systems and communities.

The garden on the roof of the Christie Walk model ecovillage is one such example. The garden produces a range of vegetables, herbs and fruit trees that are used to supply the cafe downstairs. It also provides a habitat for birds and bees, as well as offering insulation to improve thermal stability in the apartments below.

Similarly, the Hennessy Rooftop Bar is a stylish bar with both indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks Adelaide’s main pedestrian shopping street, Rundle Mall, and features Tudor-style roof panelling, chandeliers and cocktails. The menu serves up top wines and premium spirits alongside snacks and desserts showcasing locally produced South Australian ingredients.

A rooftop garden at MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, is another great example of how an urban agriculture initiative can contribute to a more livable, sustainable city. The owner-installed, low-maintenance greenspace is maintained by the Fytogreen team, who provided advice and guidance, media, planting plan and plants for the garden.

Whether they’re a passion project or just done for the sake of it, rooftop gardens help to add some much-needed greenery and colour to otherwise bleak city landscapes. They also contribute to a healthier quality of life by providing an environment where people can relax, recharge and connect with nature.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy South Australia’s fresh produce over a leisurely lunch at a local eatery or on the beach, or lap up the culture of the city’s many laneways packed with small bars and specialty stores. Or, if you’re a wine lover, make your way to the Penfolds Magill Estate for a tasting of some of Australia’s best. Regardless of what you choose to do, it’s sure to be an experience to remember. So why not start planning your trip to Adelaide?

Majestic Roof Garden Hotel

The Majestic Roof Garden Hotel is a 4-star accommodation located in the heart of Adelaide, just a short walk from Tandanya (National Aboriginal Cultural Institute) and University of Adelaide. It features a rooftop bar, as well as a variety of luxurious rooms that are sure to meet your every need.

The rooftop is a productive space that grows a wide range of herbs, vegetables, and flowers, including tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, potatoes, and olives. It is a place for learning and experimentation, and is used for demonstrations in cooking, patisserie, and food processing. It also supports biodiversity with a number of beehives and an insect hotel. In addition to its educational value, the rooftop is a beautiful venue for enjoying drinks and food.

MONA’s rooftop garden has been designed to encourage exploration and discovery for visitors, as the garden is divided into a series of separate experimental spaces. Each space is intended to further our understanding of green roofs, and the different plants that grow on them. It is hoped that the space will inspire people to incorporate urban agriculture into their daily lives, and it will serve as an example of how urban gardens can be designed to be both attractive and functional.

One of the most difficult obstacles to growing a rooftop garden in an urban setting is finding suitable soils. Fortunately, there are a number of options available, including organic waste-based fertilisers such as spent coffee grounds, vegetable scraps, and lawn clippings. However, these may contain high levels of phosphorous and other contaminants that can depress plant growth. Therefore, it is important to test soils before planting.

Another obstacle is ensuring that rooftops are properly insulated. This is especially important in areas with extreme climates, such as Adelaide. To help overcome these challenges, the Urban Greening team is working with local councils and developers to develop a code of practice for rooftop greening. It will include guidance on design and construction, as well as the use of materials that are suitable for Australian conditions.

For those interested in learning more about how to grow a rooftop garden, the Urban Greening team will be hosting a workshop on 26 November 2020. This workshop will cover the structural issues that can be encountered when building a rooftop garden, and it will also teach participants how to select suitable plants for South Australia’s climate.

The Rooftop Bar

One of the most popular rooftop bars in Adelaide is, unsurprisingly, located on the top floor of a hotel. The swanky setting offers spectacular city views and a drinks menu that includes everything from cocktails to craft beers and local wine. There’s also a smattering of Asian fusion dishes on offer, making it the perfect place to enjoy a night out on the town or a romantic evening with someone special.

Located on the roof of the historic Electra House Hotel, this stunning venue is one of the most stylish in town. With gorgeous views, delicious food and a great atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing drink with friends. The decor is contemporary and sleek, with some fun pops of colour that really bring the space to life. They’re big into using local produce, too, so you know your drinks and meals are fresh and tasty.

There are plenty of places to find a good drink in Adelaide, but few do it better than The Rooftop Bar. This swish venue is the perfect place to grab some pre-dinner drinks or a post-show drink after catching a show at the Festival Theatre. The food is also excellent, with a range of options from seared scallops to crocodile wontons.

The Hennessy is the crowning jewel of rooftop bars in Adelaide, offering beautiful sunsets and breathtaking city skylines. The swanky bar is perfect for date night or after-work drinks, with an extensive menu and a selection of premium wines and champagnes.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass of bubbly with your loved one while watching the sun set over Adelaide. The Rooftop Bar is a beautiful location for a romantic evening, and the service is always impeccable.

If you’re interested in growing your own rooftop garden, there are a number of workshops available. These workshops will help you understand the structural issues and how to design and build a rooftop garden that is suitable for your climate. They’ll also teach you how to select the best plants for your lifestyle and environment, so you can get the most out of your garden.