Let the Music Soothe Your Soul

For all you music lovers out there, here are some of the best live music venues in Adelaide. They are a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the city’s vibrant music scene.

Located in the heart of Adelaide, Hindley Street Music Hall is the new kid on the block. The multi-story venue opened in 2022 and is a hub for local and international touring musicians.


One of Adelaide’s most beloved music venues, Jive has been the home to countless local and touring acts over the past 20 years. The venue’s owner, Tam Boakes, has nurtured and developed the local music scene from its Hindley Street location. Over the years, she has helped launch the careers of artists such as Tame Impala and Julia Jacklin. In addition, she has played a role in supporting the tours of other world-renowned musicians.

The Jive is a lively, uninhibited variation of the jitterbug that originated with swing music and rock ’n’ roll. It is a partner dance, and the man leads the woman. It is a fast rhythmic dance that relies on kicking and spinning. It is one of the five ballroom competition dance styles that make up the International Latin category in dance sport showcases.

The jive is an energetic and upbeat dance, and it requires lots of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips. Although it may look like a chaotic dance, it is actually well-controlled. It is also not as complicated as other dances, and it can be learned in a short amount of time. Jive is a great choice for beginners because it requires minimal space and is very fun to do. It is also a great option for people with limited mobility.


A place where students gulp vodka sunrises and devour impeccably crisp parmis, UniBar is a venue with a long history in the local live music scene. It has recently moved to the ground level of University House from its previous location at level five and is a welcoming, inclusive space that supports local talent. It offers a variety of beverages and food, including craft beers and local wines. It also hosts regular live music shows.

The crowd at this gig was a diverse mix of uni students chanting “skol skol skol!” and those in their forties sipping their beer more responsibly. The energy in the room was palpable. The band opened with ‘Medusa’, and by the end of their set everyone was singing along. The band even made time for a couple of selfies from the stage.

Dead Letter Circus had the crowd in stitches with their witty and entertaining lyrics. Their unique brand of progressive rock is infused with anthemic choruses that offer catharsis to the well-lubricated punters. By the end of the night, the band left the crowd hoarse. Despite the cold weather, they ended their set with ‘Lodestar’, an Australian anthem that brought the crowd to its feet. In fact, some of the audience fought back tears and joined in the sing-along. This was one of the best concerts I’ve seen this year.


The Adelaide based venue is an intimate space that has hosted many touring bands over the years. It is often the go-to spot for punks, metal dudes and goths (to name a few stereotypes). The bar has an excellent staff that works hard, stays positive and makes this place a home for the musico-cultural demographic.

The night started with local heavy metal band Hidden Intent who got the crowd moving and warmed up for a night of classics. Next up was hardcore up and comer’s Coves who are slowly starting to get the attention they deserve. Their set went from melodic emotional ballads to ground-shaking battle cries. By the end of their set the crowd was singing along with every song.

Brisbane outfit Like Thieves hit Enigma Bar with a bang on their ‘Never See It Coming’ tour. The band has a sound that is similar to bands like Every Time I Die and Dillinger Escape Plan, and the energy they have on stage is infectious. Vocalist Boge threw himself into the crowd, pushing heads and lashing out as the band treated us to songs from their debut EP and their new album.

The night was rounded out with a set by Australian Venom Inc, who played a selection of their classics including ‘Warhead’ and ‘Mount of Destruction’. The crowd were screaming for more and the band obliged with a few more songs. Huge horns up to Doug Dalton and Hardline Media for busting their asses to bring this amazing line-up to Adelaide.

Grace Emily Hotel

Located at 232 Waymouth Street in Adelaide, Australia, Grace Emily Hotel is a pub with no pokies that hosts live music and theatre shows. It is a popular place for people looking for a place to socialize and relax. It has a good selection of draft beer and wine. The staff is friendly and helpful. The venue is very small, but it has a great atmosphere for people who love to listen to music.

The hotel has a long history as a watering hole, and was known as the Launceston in its early days. It became the Grace Emily Hotel in 1998. Guests can enjoy live bands every night of the week. The venue has a small stage and is a favourite spot for local musicians. The pub also serves meals.

On a chilly Thursday night, we headed to the Grace to see Sydney indie folk band Boy & Bear. Melbourne support act Neda opened the show with her sweet and beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar. Stu Larson soon followed with his booming voice and acoustic guitar.

The bar has an eclectic collection of objects adorning every inch of the walls, and there is even a bookcase door! You can drink a cold beer and a chat with other guests in the front bar or relax in the beer garden. The music here is top-notch and the prices are reasonable.