The Role of Young Voters in Shaping South Australian Elections

With the electorate projected to age rapidly between now and 2040, younger voters will become a significant part of the voting population. Millennials and Gen Z enter the electorate with HECS debt, poor job prospects and housing affordability issues. At the last election, Gen Z entered the electorate viewing the Coalition more unfavourably than any … Read more

South Australia’s Approach to Health Care Accessibility

Five key policy documents articulating SA Government priorities and actions were analysed for evidence of an equity focus. [1] While the concept of equity was evident in the language used, it progressively slipped out of the documents that articulated government agenda and priorities. It is important to understand why this occurred. 1. Accessibility is a … Read more

South Australia’s Role in Indigenous Land Rights

South Australia is a place that prides itself on its commitment to resolve Native Title issues by negotiation rather than litigation. It is perhaps the only Australian state to have done so. Beer measures in SA are different from elsewhere. The pint here is called a schooner. A schooner is about twice as big as … Read more

Women in Politics – Breaking Barriers and Making Strides

In 1895 South Australian women became the first in Australia, and amongst the first in the world, to be able to vote and stand for parliament. Suffragists agitated for change through writing letters to newspapers, giving public speeches and holding marches. They also visited parliament to discuss their ideas with politicians. History In South Australia … Read more

The Rise of Independent MPs in South Australia

Despite winning 55 percent of the two-party vote at this election, and the biggest margin since the end of the Playmander, the Liberals were only able to hold onto 16 of Adelaide’s seats. Many of these independent electoral victories occurred in formerly ultra-safe Coalition seats. They reflect the growing electoral attractiveness of non-party candidates whose … Read more

Election Campaign Strategies in South Australia

Political campaigns are a contest of ideas. They involve values, promises and “blue sky” thinking. But false advertising can damage the democratic process and distort election outcomes. A successful campaign requires the right balance of resources and outreach efforts. Here are some tips to help your campaign reach voters. 1. Grassroots Campaigning The State of … Read more

The Role of Aboriginal Representation in South Australian Politics

The Government’s assimilation policy meant that those who had more than a stipulated proportion of European blood’ were not allowed to live on reserves or receive rations. Children were also removed from families. Dale Agius, who was appointed the state’s Commissioner for First Nations Voice in July last year, said implementing the Uluru Statement at … Read more

South Australia’s Immigration Policies and Multiculturalism

South Australia is a southern, central Australian state that covers some of the most arid parts of the country. It is home to people from about 200 countries and speaks languages from more than 100. Recent data suggest that a sizeable proportion of the public supports multiculturalism as a positive force but also recognises the … Read more

South Australia’s Role in National Energy Policy

As governments around the world struggle to make the transition to low carbon, high renewables grids, South Australia’s experience offers important lessons. These include the need for political leverage to push through changes in the face of opposition from established fossil fuel interests. It is also vital to help workers and towns adjust when coal … Read more

South Australia’s Response to Bushfires – A Political Analysis

The Black Saturday bushfires caused great devastation in South Australia. This triggered community response, donations, Government inquiries (including a Royal Commission), and recommendations from many groups. The State Bushfire Coordination Committee has divided the State into 9 Bushfire Management Areas with a Bushfire Management Plan prepared for each BMA. Minutes of SBCC meetings are available … Read more